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A Pageant of the North-West
Frederick H. Koch and the Sock and Buskin Society

Performed May 28 & 29, 1914 at the Bankside Theatre on the UND Campus

A Pageant of the North-West
was the first of several pageants written by students of UND under the direction of Frederick Koch.  The production was produced in connection with the national conference of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association held in Grand Forks.  The scope, scale and communal writing style of pageant brought national attention to the University.
Prior to the initial performance the Bankside Theatre was dedicated and presented to UND President Frank McVey.  The performance space of the outdoor theatre was located on the east bank of the English Coulee adjacent to current Smith Hall.  Audience sat on the west bank, near current Chester Fritz Auditorium.
The concept of the pageant was a loose telling of the creation and character of the region through actions of four explorers- Radisson, LaSalle, Verendrye and Lewis & Clark.  Eighteen students wrote the production with four students researching and writing each section and two students writing the Prologue and musical interludes.
A Pageant of the North-West was made up of a cast of 300, including students, UND faculty & staff, members of the community and members of the Turtle Mountain Reservation.  Some settings and special lighting effects were designed and built for the pageant.  The coulee itself was even used during the performance as indian canoes floated to the performance area.

Design Team
Master of Pageant- Mr. Frederick H. Koch
Director of Historical Material- Dr. O. G. Libby
Director of Music- Mr. W. W. Norton
Director of Dancing- Miss Esther M. Pike
Director of Costumes- Miss Flora E. Balch
Director of Properties and Stage Settings- Mr. J. A. Taylor
Directors of the Stage- Miss Nellie Kingsbury and Mrs. Christine Nelson Myrben
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