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Shakespeare, The Playmaker
Frederick H. Koch and the Sock and Buskin Society

Performed June 12 & 13, 1916 at the Bankside Theatre on the UND Campus

Shakespeare, The Playmaker
was the second of three major pageants written by students of UND and the last directed by Frederick Koch.  The production was produced in connection with the 300th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.
The play centers around the activities that may have inspired Shakespeare's writing of  A Midsummer Night's Dream and  The Tempest by observing festivities of English peasants awaiting the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I and two indians that have arrived from the Americas.
Shakespeare, The Playmaker was made up of a cast of 300, including students, UND faculty & staff, members of the community and members of the Turtle Mountain Reservation.  Some settings and special lighting effects were designed and built for the pageant.  The coulee itself was used during the performance as the Queen's royal barge and indian canoes floated to the performance area.
Following the success of A Pageant of the North-West two years earlier, Shakespeare the Playmaker received much media attention from around the country.  After the production closed Frederick Koch, Director of the Sock and Buskin Society, was in great demand on the Chataqua speakers circuit.

Direction of the Masque
Director of the Masque- Professsor Frederick H. Koch
Directors of the Production- Professor John Adams Taylor, Mis Ethel E. Halcrow, Mrs. Marguerite Myrben
Director of the Stage- Miss Nella Kingsbury
Director of Historical Materials- Dr. O. G. Libby
Directors of Music- Professor W. W. Norton, Professor Paolo Conte
Director of Dancing- Miss Esther Pike
Director of Costuming- Mrs. A. G. Leonard
Director of Properties and Stage Settings- Professor A. J. Becker
Director of Lighting- Professor J. Floyd Stevens
General Advisor- Professor Vernon P. Squires

Composers of the Masque
Mr. Lyle M. Bittinger
Miss Winifred Nelson
Miss Ethel E. Halcrow
Miss Merle Rutherford
Mr. B. Melvin Johnson
Mis Hester Sparling
Miss Catherine M. McCusker
Miss Alberta Taylor

Mr. Oscar A. Bondelid
Miss Winifred Nelson
Mr. Lester S. Chidlaw
Miss Elizabeth V. Kelly

Mr. Cecil McKay
Mr. B. Melvin Johnson
Mr. John F. Como
Mr. Arthur D. Williams
Miss Beulah Bomstead
Miss Nellie B. Whitcher
Mr. Ewart Dudley
Miss Catherine M. McCusker

Mr. Paolo Conte

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Committees of the Masque
EXECUTIVE COMMITTE- Professor O. G. Libby, Chairman
Professor Edward B. Stephenson
Miss Merle Rutherford
Professor Charles E. King
Miss Alberta Taylor
Miss Winifred Nelson
Miss Bertha Brainard

FINANCE COMMITTEE- Mr. J. W. Wilkerson, Chairman
Mr. Thomas E. Whelan
Professor W. G. Bek
Mr. Vernon Sprague

PRODUCTION COMMITTEE- Professor John Adams Taylor, Chairman
Miss Ethel E. Halcrow
Mr. Carl Schmidt
Professor E. C. Griess
Miss Elsie Dahl
Miss Almira Jewett
Mr. Seymour Anderson
Mr. Henry A. Doak
Professor B. J. Spence
Mr. E. A. Daniels

CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE- Professor A. J. Becker, Chairman
Mr. A. O. Whipple
Professor E. C. Griess
Professor E. F. Chandler
Professor E. B. Stephenson
Professor C. C. Schmidt
Professor L. D. Bristol

COMMITTEE ON LIGHTING- Professor J. Floyd Stevens, Chairman
Professor A. H. Taylor
Mr. Frank A. Stoos
Mr. A. O. Whipple
Mr. Frank W. Burns

Mrs. R. W. Cooley
Miss Violet Eastman
Miss Mary Howe
Miss Ruth Templeton
Miss Kathleen Flynn
Miss Gertrude Healy
Miss Elizabeth Kelly

COMMITTEE ON PROPERTIES- Mrs. Irma E. Poppler, Chairman
Miss Almira Jewett
Mr. Harry Read
Miss Mary McCumber
Mr. Cyril Page
Miss Elsie Rhode
Mr. Porter Talcott
Mr. Duane Sarles

COMMITTEE ON ARRANGEMENTS- Proffesor R. R. Hitchcock, Chairman
Professor H. E. Simpson
Mr. Thomas Whelan
Mr. Roy Myers

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE- Mr. William H. Greenleaf, Chairman
Professor H. R. Brush
Mr. John Rohwedder
Mr. J. E. Coad
Mr. John B. Cooley
Mrs. Irma E. Poppler
Mr. George A. Benson
Mr. Arthur Shaft
Mr. C. W. Graves
Mr. Paul Shorb

MUSIC COMMITTEE- Professor W. W. Norton, Chairman
Professor Paolo Conte
Miss Winifred Nelson
Mr. E. H. Wilcox
Mr. Cuyler Anderson

COMMITTEE ON DANCING- Miss Esther Pike, Chairman
Miss Jessie Grassick
Miss Nell Whitcher
Miss Dora McBride
Miss Florence Nugent

BOOK COMMITTEE- Professor A. J. Ladd, Chairman
Mr. Lyle M. Bittinger
Professor George R. Davies
Miss Catherine M. McCusker
Miss Ethel E. Halcrow

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Players of the Masque

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