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The Sandbox
Edward Albee
The Lesson
Eugene Ionesco
Zoo Story
Edward Albee

Performed May 16-19, 1962 at the West School Auditorium
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Design Team, Cast, Production Staff

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Design Team
Director- The Sandbox- Catherine Rothenberger
Director- The Lesson & The Zoo Story- Donald W. McCaffrey
Design and Technical Direction- Harry W. Campbell
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The Sandbox
Stage Manager- Larry La Grave
The Young Man- Phillip Rothenberger
Mommy- Carol Erickson
Daddy- Terry Wolf
Musician- nancy Thelander
Grandma- Katheryn Buhaug

The Lesson
The Maid- Mary Ellen Reetz
The Pupil- Patricia Gronowski
The Professor- Dennis Garner

The Zoo Story
Peter- Larry La Grave
Jerry- Mack Miller
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Production Staff
Stage Manager- Paul Sjordal
Lights- Maureen Otto
Properties- Bruce Olson and Eleanor Murray
Sound- Mary E. Hughes
Costumes- Sandra Eeg, Mary Ann Burkhart and Harriet Wilkins
Makeup- Bonnie Nesemeier and Carolee Sabin
Set Construction and Painting- Larry LaGrave, Paul Sjordal, Eleanor Murry, Mary Ann Burkhart and Jim Gilsdorf
House Manager- Dennis Haney
Office Assistant- Constance Olson
Shop Managers- Charlotte Burghoff and Paul Schalekamp
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