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This Violent Era
A Poetic-Environmental Producton
Compiled by Suzanne Bennett and Michael McCullough

Performed December 2-6, 1970 at the Burtness Mainstage Theatre
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Design Team, Cast, Crews, Acknowledgements

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Design Team
Director- Suzanne Bennett
Assistant Directors- Christie Logan and Michael McCullough
Scenic Design  & Constructio- Ronald Schaefer
Lighting Design- Lawrence J. Hill
Special Sound Effects- Robert Wharton
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The Players
Wesley Boyer
Jo Childers
Michael McKusker
Danny Koren
Keith LaQua
Karen Thornburgh
Mary Jo Vrem
Becky Warren
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Construction- Joanne Potter, Mark Kolstoe, Jim Lutz
Lighting- Mary Seaworth, Head: Don McCullough, Julie Burnt
Costuming- Karen Thornburgh, Peg O'Leary
Props- Peg O'Leary
Sound- Joanne Potter
Box Office- Joan M. Young
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Ted Hoberg for guitar arrangement on "A Hard Rain's-AGonna Fall"
Becky Warren for choreography for "Kosmic Blues"
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