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Written and Originally Directed by Mary Zimmerman

Performed February 22-26, 2005 at the Burtness Lab Theatre
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Design Team, Cast, Production Staff, Special Thanks

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Design Team
Director- Jim Williams
Scenic  & Costume Design- Greg Gillette
Lighting Design- Jessica Vidden
Sound Design- Jim Williams
Technical Director- Loren J. Liepold
Voice Coach- Anne Christopherson
Movement Captain- Phaidra Yunker
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Amada Preuss- First Laundress, Sailor, Lucina, Spirit of the Tree, Atalanta, Fate, "Q", Baucis
Emily Walsh- Midas' Daughter, Iris, Singer, Hunger, Persephone, First Performer, Myrrha
Chris Harder-
Silenus, Sailor, Singer, Buyer, Hades, Narcissus, Phaeton, Eros
Jared Fladeland-
Bacchus, Poseidon, Hermes, Sisyphus, Vertumnus
Darin Kerr-
Midas, Sailor, Tantalus, Cinyras, Apollo
Phaidra Yunker-
Alcyone, Ceres, Eurydice, Pomona, Psyche, Woman at Door
Heidi Stnseth-
Scientist, Second Laundress, Erysichthon's Mother, Pandora, Fate, Nyrrha's Nursmaid
Sam Ivory-
Servent, Ceyx, Morpheus, Orpheus, Philemon, "A"
Anne Svanes-
Third Laundress, Aphrodite, Oread, Fate, Therapist
Patrick O'Neal-
Zeus, Henchman, Sleep, Erysichthon
Baucis & Philemom- P. Yunker, H. Stenseth, A. Svanes, D, Kerr, C. Harder
Alcyone & Ceyx- H. Stenseth
Pomona & Vertumnus- A. Preuss
Orpheus & Eurydice Number Two- A. Svanes, P O'Neal
Erysichthon- D. Kerr
The Home of Sleep- C. Harder

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Production Staff
Production Stage Manager- Joel Krause
Assistant Stage Manager- Tyler Sheeley
Properities Master- Heidi Jenson
Assistant Properties Master- Jessica Haas
Pool Boy- Justin Johnson
Master Electrician- Jessica Vidden
Assistant Master Electrician- Dustin Donelan
Lead Welder- Adam Griffith
Scene Shop Assistants- Joel Krause, Desiree Radi, Kelsey Tormodsgaard, Cliff Puma, Matthew Hennen
Costume Shop Assistants- Phaidra Yunker, Laura Walker, Sarah Winger
Sound Engineer- Samantha Krostue
Sound Board Operator- Joseph Mack
Wardrobe Head- William Schill
Running Crew- Jenn Ertz, Jacob Geffre, Michael Ortman, Dustin Hogenson
Scene Shop, Properties, Lighting & Costume Construction- THEA 110: Intro to Theatre Arts, THEA 201: Practicum
Box Office Manager/ Office Assistant- Allison Kuhnhenn
Box Office Assistants- Lindsay Aarseth, Kristen Lysne, Shannon Houle, Chris Vipond, Lori Nadeau
House Manager- Kami Anderson
Publicity- Caitlin Krenz

Pool Construction
Line Welder- Jon Skoglund
Pool Frame and Deck Construction Crew- Joel Krause, Jessica Vidden, Jon Skoglund, Justin Johnson, Philip Letvin
The pool liner and equipment is graciously provided by Tubs of Fun

A special Thank you to Rosco Lab for the generously donated glass gobos for the water lighting effects.
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Production Staff
Chester Fritz Auditorium
Fire Hall  Theatre
HB Sound & Light
Kelsey Thormodsgaard
GF Paint and Glass (Contract Divison)
Donavon Hair Stylists
Red River High School
Jean Moulton of Watertown High School
Amanda, Anne, Chris, Darin, Emily, Heidi, Jared, Joel, Patrick, Phaidra, Sam, & Tyler
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