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Anton In Show Business
Jane Martin

Performed October 2-6, 2007 at the Burtness Lab Theatre
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Design Team, Cast, Production Staff

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Design Team
Director- Kathleen McLennan
Scenic  & Lighting Design- Brad Reissig
Costume Design- Tracey Lyons
Sound Design and Technical Director- Loren J. Liepold
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T-Anne, the Stage Manager; Airport Announcer; Andwyneth; Don Blount; the Gate Manager- Natasha Yearwood
Actress #1: Kate; Ben & Jackie- Misti Koop
Actress #2: Ralph, Wikewith & Joe Bob- Kim Mortenson
Casey- Jesi Mullins
Lisabette- Kelly Corbo
Holly- Ellery Tofte
Joby- Jessica Haas
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Production Staff
Production Stage Manager- Alyssa Thompson
Properities Master- Elizabeth Gasink
Assistant Props Master- Jared Fladeland
Master Electrician- Eric Voigt
Assistant Electrician- David Coulter
Paint Charge- Andrea Eklund
Scene Shop Assistants- Sara Schaal (Tech GTA), Erik Graham, Mitchell Myhr, Erik Paddock, Robert Wippler, Travis Zeehandelaar
Costume Shop Foreperson- Kim Sigurdson
Costume Shop Assistants- Kim Mortenson, Daphne Pankratz, Charity Reitmeier, Tyler Sheeley, Jenna Seiler, Laura Walker
Wardrobe Head- Laura Walker
Light and Sound Board Operator- Tyler Sheeley
Running Crew- Kristen Bohlman, Therese Nyberg Borkenhagen, Amy Dryscoll, Shane Gerbert, Britney Sudmann
Scene Shop, Properties, Lighting & Costume Construction- THEA 110: Intro to Theatre Arts, THEA 130: The Art and Craft of Theatre, THEA 201: Practicum
Box Office Manager/ Office Assistant- Mickallyn Kudrna
Box Office Assistants- Rachel Bengs, Jeff Chambers, Kori LeBlanc, Mitchell Myhr, Carolyn Urbanski, Chad Williams
House Manager- Kami Anderson
Publicity- Tamara Greicar
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