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Theatre Arts Years- 1971-Present
by Lucy Thurber

Performed November 16-20, 2010 at the Burtness Lab Theatre
All images on this website are copyright ©2010 University of North Dakota Department of Theatre Arts.

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Design Team, Cast, Production Staff, Special Thanks

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Design Team
Director- Benjamin Klipfel
Scenic and Lighting Designer- Brad Reissig
Sound Designer and Technical Director- Loren J. Liepold
Costume Designer- Michelle Davidson
Make-up Designer- Stephanie Rosenthal
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Martha Lawrence- Michelle McCauley
Herb Lawrence- Andrew Markiewicz
Billy Lawrence- Nick McConnell
Rachel Lawrence- Amy Driscoll
Ellen Roberts- Emily Elisabeth
Louie- Matthew Hegdahl
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Production Staff
Production Stage Manager- Lukas Skjaret
Assistant Stage Manager- Lindsay Escobar
Properties Master- Louis Alexander & Thomas Barnes
Master Electrician- Eric Voigt
Assistant Master Electrician- Lindsay Escobar
Paint Charge- Amber Boll
Scene Shop Assistants- Matthew Hegdahl, Tyler Sheeley, Kelsey Carlsrud, William PanKratz, II, Seth Roscoe, Max Schafer-LaCoursiere, Robert Wippler
Costume Design Assistant- Monica Wing
Costume Shop Manager- Daphne PanKratz
Costume Shop Assistants- Victor Behrens, Emily Elisabeth, Joanna Rodenborn, Stephanie Rosenthal
Light & Sound Board Operator- Ryker Crenshaw
Stage Hand- Katie Hicks & Kristina B. Syversen
Scene Shop, Properties, Lighting, Sound & Costume Construction- THEA 110: Introduction to Theatre Arts, THEA 270: Stagecraft, THEA 201: Practicum
Office Assistant- Alana Fisher
Box Office Manager- Jenna Hamann
Box Office Assistants- Chris Handlos, Brittney Laue, Zach Sorenson, Kathryn Southard, Kathryn Withington
House Manager- Alaisa Rabold
Publicity- Bethany Stender
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Special Thanks
Firehall Theatre
Thomasine Heitkamp
Emily Cherry
Kathleen McLennan
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